Chromium based web browsers

Google Chrome gives faster, better and secure browsing experience. It’s the most widely used web browser. Google Chrome is based on “Chromium” open source project. There are more browsers based on Chromium source code. Here is a list of top Chromium based web browsers .

chromium based web browsers

Chromium based web browsers :

Comodo Dragon: Comodo dragon is based on chromium. Developed by Comodo, a company which provides computer and software related security products. As their website says, Comodo Dragon is more secure and safe than Google Chrome. Comodo Dragon has privacy enhancements. It automatically blocks spying cookies and other tracking methods.comodo dragonComodo Dragon gives an option to use Comodo SecureDNS servers. Comodo SecureDNS can filter malicious websites. Comodo Dragon includes an automatic updating feature. Has built in Website Inpector. If you need stronger security features, you can take a look at Comodo Dragon.
– Comodo Dragon Website

SRWare Iron: SRWare Iron is another browser based on Google Chrome. SRWare Iron Claims that they have removed usage tracking and other functions which compromise privacy. It has built in ad-blocker.iron browser It displays advertisements on start page, and extension page.
– SRWare Iron website

CoolNovo: CoolNovo or Chromeplus is improved browser based on Chromium. It has Same functionality as Google Chrome, plus some additional features which Chrome doesn’t offer. These features are- Double click on a tab to close page. Mouse Gestures – you can draw gestures by right click and holding mouse to scroll pages, navigate, zoom, close tab, open tab, reload, new tab etc. You can select some text and drag it to new tab, it will search on google for that text. You can also drag links to open in new tab. Some websites need Internet Explorer to work, CoolNovo gives here a option to switch Internet Explorer Mode. coolnovo browserCoolNovo also has a quick access toolbar at bottom of the browser windows. Quick access toolbar contains some useful tools like translate, open link in foreground, take screenshots, zoom, mute/Unmute, clear browsing data. Coolnovo Browser Website

Torch Browser: Another Chromium based browser Torch gives you all in one experience. You are just a click away to download media and share links to social networks. Torch has in built browser based torrent client, you can download torrent files in your browser without the need of additional BitTorrent application. You can download the media within your torch browser with its Embedded media grabber.torch browserTorch browser also accelerates downloads with built in download accelerator. Torch browser is as fast as other chromium based browsers.
Torch Browser Website 

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